Gazipur businessman Abdul Ali becomes Walton digital campaign's 34th millionaire buying a AC

Abdul Ali, a sanitary businessman at Rajabari Bazar of Sreepur Upazilla in Gazipur, became millionaire after he had purchased a Walton brand air conditioner under the company’s ‘nonstop millionaire’ benefits in the nationwide ongoing ‘Digital Campaign Season-20.’ A total of 34 customers, including Abdul Ali, became millionaire through the Walton digital campaign. 

On Thursday last (April 25, 2024), popular film actor Amin Khan and veteran actor Monwar Hossain Dipjol officially handed over a cheque of Tk10 lakh to Abdul Ali at a program held in front of Rajabari Bazar Walton Plaza.
With the slogan of ‘Best product, Best offer’, Walton has been conducting the campaign’s season-20 across the country with the offer of ‘Nonstop Millionaire’ benefit.

In Season-20, customers are offered ‘nonstop millionaire’ on the purchase of Walton brand fridge, television, air conditioner, washing machine or fan from any Walton Plaza, distributor outlet or online sales platform ‘E-plaza’ across the country. In addition, crores of taka sure cashback are also available.

Under this Season, Abdul Ali purchased a 1.5-ton AC worth Tk 76,990 at installment from Rajabari Bazar Walton Plaza. Then his name, mobile number and the model number of the purchased AC are digitally registered. After a while, he received a message from Walton on his registered mobile number with the notification that he was awarded Tk10 lakh for purchasing AC under the 'Digital Campaign Season-20'.
Abdul Ali is now very happy getting Tk 10 lakh just for buying a Walton AC.

Speaking at the function, Abdul Ali said, "I bought an AC for my daughter's room to get rid of the sweltering summer heat wave. At my home, most of the electronics and electrical products are of Walton brand. I am getting very good services from those Walton products. That's why this time I have bought AC from Walton. But I never imagined that I will get Tk 10 lakh by buying AC from Walton. Thanks to Walton. A portion of the awarded money will be used for the development of my local area's mosque. With the rest of the money, I have a desire to perform Umrah Hajj."
Urging everyone to buy Walton's products actor Monwar Hossain Dipjol said, "Walton is the product of our country. Walton is a reputed brand and successfully conducting business across the country. The quality of Walton products including fridge, TV, AC, mobile is very good. They are contributing to the economic development of the country."

Film Actor Actor Amin Khan said, Walton does what they says. Many brands do not keep their promises to customers. But Walton keeps its promise to the customer 100%.
The function was also attended, among others, by Sreepur Thana's Jubo League President Md. Kamruddin, Walton's Senior Additional Operative Director Shahadat Hossain, Senior Deputy Director Saleh Ahmed, Walton AC's Brand Manager Khalilur Rahman, Regional Sales Manager Mosharraf Hossain, Regional Credit Manager Azizur Rahman and Rajabair Bazar Walton Plaza Manager Shafiqul Islam.

Caption: Popular film actor Amin Khan and veteran actor Monwar Hossain Dipjol officially hand over a cheque of Tk 10 lakh to Abul Ali, who was awarded the money after he had purchased a Walton AC.